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To Rid Your Home of The Pesky Critters!


San Bernardino
Animal Removal, Bird, Wildlife Control & Prevention

C.M Animal Prevention is a small one man team Locally Owned & Operated.Fully Licence & Insured Animal Prevention Service business, Located in the San Bernardino Mountains.   Customer-Driven Focused company with over 15 years of experience & knowledge. I Pride myself in Professionalism, Effectiveness, Efficiency and Affordability.  I'm here to solve all & any of your Pesky Wildlife issues, Clean up any mess they may left behind and prevent further damage to your home or property.  A Polite, Professional and Experienced animal specialist will inspect every aspect of the home inside and out, roof to ground for any possible entry points, to rid your home once and for all of any annoying critters. We preform professional and satisfaction guaranteed repairs. We are the Right people to get the job done.


Specializing in Attic Decontamination. Basement DecontaminationCrawlspace Decontamination. Bird Control, Bird Removal, Bird Prevention.  Bat Control, Bat Removal, Bat Prevention. Pest (Rat/Mice) Control, Rat/Mice Removal, Rat/Mice prevention. Snake Removal, Snake Prevention, Snake Control.  Skunk Removal, Skunk Prevention, Skunk Control. Raccoon Removal, Raccoon Control, Raccoon Prevention. Opossum Removal, Opossum Control, Opossum Prevention. Squirrel Removal, Squirrel Control, Squirrel Prevention. Wildlife Control, Live Animal Removal, Dead Animal Removal, Animal Prevention. Solar panel cleaning, Solar Panel Bird Deterrent.

Our Process for Animal Removal, Prevention & Control Services are Nontoxic, which means No Poison is every used on Rodents or Wildlife. Wildlife & Rodents can cause serious damage to your home, which depreciate the value of your home or business. We often see these types of Pest, Rodents & Wildlife in Attic's, underneath homes, decks & Crawlspaces making your home their home. The most common way to remove unwanted wildlife is by Animal Trapping, Removing them by hand, or using one way exclusions. Our Professional can Clean, Sanitize & Disinfect all animal feces in your attic or crawlspace. Need insulation removed & Installed? We can do that too saves on time & money. Pest, Animal, Rodent, Wildlife Exclusion Services offered. We can help protect your home/property against animal invasion.

We proudly provide humane animal removal & control services, supplies & products for those unwanted Pest. 



Live Animal Removal
Dead Animal
Solar Panel Bird Deterrent
Attic, Basement,

Damage Repair

We provide fast, effective efficient & Humane animal removal services. We remove unwanted wildlife (Snakes, Rats/Mice, Bats, Birds, Raccoons, Opossums, Squirrels, Gophers, Moles, Skunks. you name it we prevent & remove it.

Dead Animal Removal, Dead Animal in Attic, Under House, In Wall or in Yard. Dead Animal's usually leave bad odors lingering in your home or office. These smells could potently cause health issues to your pet or loved ones. When this  happens, many homeowners or business owners wish to have a professional  locate  & remove the decaying carcass. C.M Animal Prevention Services strives to deliver the best dead animal removal services. Sanitizing, disinfecting & odor removal

Roof, Eaves &  Solar Panel Bird Deterrent. Many Homeowners & Business have become painfully aware that birds & Critter can SEVERELY damage their Rooftop Solar Panels devaluing the price of their home, let along the awful mess they leave behind. We install Deterrent Mesh that will solve this problem. This Deterrent is specially designed to keep birds & other Critters from besting and seeking shelter under your panels.

 Attic, Crawl Space, Basement or home decontamination . We provide exceptional services of removing and installing  damaged insulation, debris from wildlife and animal feces. Sanitize and disinfect entire area. 

We provide fast, effective and efficient repairs. If wildlife has invaded your home, you most likely have some entry holes, tunneling or other damage to your home, property or foundation. We specialize in sealing and repairing damaged property due to wildlife damage. Following California Laws and Regulations.


"Called C.M Animal Prevention Services for this dang pigeons that kept landing and nesting under my solar panels. They had an amazing specialist come out and he was able to prevent the birds for landing and nesting under the panels by installing metal mesh. He also washed and scrubbed my solar panels, they are working better than ever. Best part is i haven't had any issues with any birds.

Thank you C.M."

                                  Paul S-Hesperia 


"Called C.M on a Tuesday for a funny smell coming underneath the house. Chris came out found the awful smell it was a dead skunk. He worked his magic removed the dead animal and was able to disinfect and get the awful smell out of my house. Thanks C.M and thank you Chris for being so knowledgeable and helpful". 

                              Elizabeth N- Redlands

Was having trouble with bats in my attic, called C.M and they had a specialist out the very next to help with the issue. Come to find out we had a bat infestation & there was bat guano everywhere, which is very harmful to breathe. Chris the Specialist was very knowledgeable & professional he knew exactly how to solve the problem. He closed all the entry points, removed the bats, removed damaged insulation, cleaned & sanitized the areas bats were located in. Very pleased with C.M Animal Services will definitely be using them again.

                                  -Jason L-Fontana


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We Specialize in Removal and Prevention of such Wildlife...

  • Animal Removal (Humane)

  • Animal Feces Waste Clean up

  • Attic Clean Up

  • Bat Control

  • Bee Control

  • Bee Removal

  • Bird Control

  • Bird Prevention

  • Crawl Space Clean Up

  • Damage Repairs

  • Dead Animal Removal

  • Deodorization 

  • Gopher Prevention

  • Live Animal Removal

  • Mice Prevention

  • Opossums Removal

  • Raccoon Removal

  • Rat Prevention 

  • Sanitize/Disinfect 

  • Solar Panel Prevention

  • Snake Prevention

  • Snake Removal

  • Squirrel Prevention

  • Skunk Removal

We can handle ANY animal Alive or Dead, Big or Small..



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